The Nepal Insurance and Risk Management Association (NIRMA) is the common forum of academia, professionals, and researchers to exchange the idea, knowledge, expertise, and experiences.  It is a think tank in the field of risk management, insurance, and social security. The Association aims to promote the insurance industry in Nepal through research, publications and interaction.

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Regular update of news and development in the area of Risk Management, Insurance and Social Security.

Activities of NIRMA.

Nepalese Journal of Insurance and Social Security (Vol 4, Issue 1)


  • Do people’s perceptions and attitudes associate with enrollment in health
    insurance in a context of Nepal
  • Determinants of repayment behaviour of MFI clients in the context of covid-
    19: a case study of Lalitpur district, Nepal
  • A confirmation of interval of validity: ab-initio estimation technique of
    gompertz mortality parameters
  • Socio-economic impact of social security allowance on recipients: a case study
    of Kaski
  • Community-based study on renew or dropout status of social health insurance
    program in Bharatpur metropolitan city, Chitwan
  • Dividends, earnings and stock prices: A case of Nepalese insurance companies
  • Factors affecting the profitability of Nepalese insurance companies
  • Financial performance of Nepalese insurance companies

Nepalese Journal of Insurance and Social Security (Vol 3, Issue 3)


  • Determinants of Self-Reported Illness: An Experience from Social Health
    Insurance Program in Nepal
  • Public Service Announcements for Health Insurance in Nepal: Perspectives
    from Health Belief Model
  • Satisfaction among the Insured and the Uninsured Patients visiting
    for OPD services in various health facilities of Kaski
  • Role of Informal Education, and Human-Agent on Insurance Industry
  • Impact of Lapsed Policies in Life Insurance Industries of Nepal
  • Factors Associated with Non-Enrollment in National Health Insurance Scheme
    in Kaski District, Nepal

Nepalese Journal of Insurance and Social Security (Vol 2, Issue 2)


  • Illness, Healthcare, and Health Insurance: Socio-economic Perspective in Nepalese Context
  • Using Expected Geometric Values to Calculate the Cost of Interest in Hyper-inflationary Environments: the Case of Venezuela
  • Factors Affecting Share Price of Nepalese Non-Life Insurance Companies
  • Relationship between trading volume, stock return and return volatility: A case of Nepalese insurance companies
  • Determinants affecting the buying of Life Insurance: A case of Kapilvastu District
  • Social Health Security Program in Nepal: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Perception among the Employees of Bank towards the Bancassurance in Nepal

Nepalese Journal of Insurance and Social Security (Vol 1, Issue 1)


  • A Critical Review of Social Protection Policies, Programs and Their Effectiveness in Nepal
  • Causes of Voluntary Dropout of Microfinance Clients in Bangladesh
  • Pension Reforms in Commonwealth of Independent States Countries
  • Service Quality in Nepalese Insurance Market
  • Trends and Prospects of Social Security Program in Nepal

Message from President

I would like to congratulate all academicians, professionals, practitioners involved in the field of risk management, insurance and social security and wishing you for the better future. Now, it is the time to think about and act on risk management. Now, it is the right time to demonstrate best efforts and find out a way to manage the challenges in insurance industry. It is our responsibility to explore the best model of social security program to cover the entire population. These disciplines are not completely different but complementary to each other.
NIRMA provides a common learning platform to all interested beginners, sharing avenue to experienced and mentoring opportunity to the seasoned and veteran professionals in the area of risk management insurance and social security (RIMISS). NIRMA is a think tank forum where professionals, academicians and experts in the area of RIMISS are organized, discoursed and conferred. ..

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