Formatting Guidelines

  1. Manuscript files can be in the following formats: DOC, DOCX or RTF. Microsoft Word documents should not be locked or protected.
  2. The headings of sections and sub-sections should be expand up to three heading levels. Make sure heading levels are clearly indicated in the manuscript text.
  3. Do not format text in multiple columns.
  4. If your manuscript contains footnotes, move the information into the main text or the reference list, depending on the content.
  5. Define abbreviations upon first appearance in the text. Do not use non-standard abbreviations unless they appear at least three times in the text. Keep abbreviations to a minimum.
  6. Observance of fundamental rules of grammar and style will make the paper more comprehensive and interesting to read.
  7. All but very short mathematical expressions should be displayed on a separate line and make centre.
  8. Equations must be numbered consecutively on the right margin, using Arabic numerals in parentheses.
  9. Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively in the text in Arabic numerals (Table 1, 2 or Figure 1, 2).
  10. Each table or figure must have a title followed by a descriptive legend. Authors must check tables to be sure that the title, column headings, captions, etc. are clear to the point.
  11. The standard APA style of referencing (6th edition) should be followed which entails citations within the text in (name, date) format, and a full alphabetical references at the end of the text.
  12. Submissions can include a supplementary appendix which might include extra tables, extra figures, data description, etc.
  13. Papers that do not follow these guidelines will be returned to the authors by the Editorial Assistant.