About Us

Realising the necessity of the common forum of professionals, academicians, experts and researchers working in the area of insurance, risk management and social security, Nepal Insurance and Risk Management Association (NIRMA) has been established. This is the think tank in the field of risk management, insurance, and social security. The Association is registered under Office of the Company Registrar as a charity organisation.

Anyone interested in these areas can join the association and contribute to and learn from the members. NIRMA facilitates linkages between members and offers continuing professional development opportunities via Training, Interaction, Workshop, Seminar, Colloquium,  Conference, Faculty Development Program, Technical Education Programs, Short Term and Certification Courses etc.

The general purpose of NIRMA is to promote the insurance industry through the awareness raising training, education, research and publication. It aims at increasing the awareness about the risk management and insurance among the citizens and suggests the government agencies for the proper implementation of social security program in the country.