Our Mission

Managing the risk in our society with the proper use of insurance products and maintaining the justice in the society through the best practices of social security system in Nepal.

Our Objectives

The broad objective of NIRMA is to increase the awareness, carry out the research, sharing the ideas among the stakeholders on risk management and insurance and social security, and promote the insurance industry.

Some of the specific objectives of the NIRMA are as follows:

  • To create a forum for academia and professionals to exchange the knowledge and experiences, idea and expertise among them.
  • To establish professional relationship between national and international academia and industries and exchange the experiences and knowledge among the forums and societies.
  • To plead to introduce insurance related courses in school, collegiate and university level curriculum, and encourage to academia to carry out high level of research in the areas of risk management, insurance, and social security.
  • To develop NIRMA as a think tank institution and provide expert service to the concerned authorities in the area of risk management, insurance and social security inside and outside the country.
  • To organise various activities like talk programs, interactions, training, conference, workshop, seminar, and colloquium programs in respective areas.
  • To carry out research on contemporary and emerging issues, disseminate the findings through journals, magazine, newspapers, books, and other relevant materials, and provide consultation services.
  • To establish fraternal relationship with national and international organizations related to insurance, risk management and social security.
  • To advocate in the favour of the customers, act as a whistle blowers against the fraudulent activities, and share the information among the stakeholders